Conference „How efficient is electro mobilty“?

NeuesBildWhat do we really know about the efficiency of electro mobility? Automobiles for example are becoming lighter, smarter, safer and steadily more electric. Each of these trends will demand new types and new combinations of materials – materials and systems that will be increasingly complex.

The Hanse Wissenschaftskolleg HWK in Delmenhorst together with the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg is organizing a conference on “How efficient is electro mobility” for two days in Delmenhorst, near Bremen. The international conference takes place on June 4 and 5, 2015 and there is a possibility to join a company excursion on June 3. On June 1 and 2 phd students can participate in a joint phd summer school.

This conference explores the future of electro mobility and searches for answers to the “efficiency question”. The future challenges for developers and manufacturers of vehicles may no longer be issues of energy efficiency and fuels. Instead, new questions will arise regarding the use of new, sometimes scarce and environmentally problematic materials and their role in new drive trains as well as questions about system integration, especially with the increasing importance of renewable energy and decentralized energy systems. These questions will result in new challenges for the life cycle management of vehicles, materials and systems.

The conference will bring together international researchers from academia and industry in different domains. They shall discuss across disciplinary borders crucial questions related to the energy and material shift in vehicles caused by new drive trains and power sources, such as batteries and fuel cells. The envisioned integration of vehicles and their batteries into the electricity system further contributes to the mentioned shift as use phases overlap and are becoming indistinct.

Further information and registration here.



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